Meet Our Team

Operations Director

Roury Hinds

Roury is our Operations Director. He has 5+ years of experience recruiting within the Education sector, including being part of the core assessment team for the Teach First leadership development programme. More recently, he’s been working within the apprenticeship space. Currently the Technical Talent and Outreach Manager at WhiteHat, he leads the charge on recruiting for technical apprenticeships, and manages an annual schedule of outreach programmes. At Liberty Tuition, Roury uses his experience and expertise to manage relationships with schools, local councils and other mission aligned organisations, oversee tutor recruitment, and ensure that new clients and students are onboarded successfully.
Director & Client Manager

Martha Njovu

Martha joined Liberty tuition in 2019. Martha has 8 years of tutoring experience, and has a passion for tuition and supporting students in achieving their full potential through supplementary support.

Martha attended Haberdashers’ Aske’s school before obtaining a First class degree in Accounting and Finance. Whilst at university Martha became a student ambassador, tutoring and mentoring students in secondary school and colleges across London. Since graduating, Martha continued to develop her skills as a successful Accountant and part time private tutor. She is now using those skills and experience to make a positive difference to the lives of many more families requiring support and educational advice.

Maths Lead

Lucy Prince

Lucy is one of our most seasoned and experienced maths tutors - with 5 years of experience as a maths teacher whilst serving as part of the middle leadership team at leading schools including Harris Academy. Lucy is extremely passionate about the quality of teaching. Since joining us, Lucy has not only taken on the role of our maths Lead Practitioner, but taken charge of keeping our tutors up to date with the latest policies and trends in teaching and learning - ensuring best practice is consistent across Liberty Tuition, allowing for high quality learning experiences.

"Building a positive relationship with our students, gaining their trust through displays of strong curriculum knowledge, and gaining an understanding of how they work is incredibly important in leading them above and beyond their targets whilst building a love for learning. Through support, well structured and engaging lessons informed by the latest strategies in teaching and learning, we provide the perfect environment for our students to make excellent progress, and have fun whilst doing so!"

English Lead


Ola is our English lead, and has worked as a qualified English and media studies teacher since 2017. She is currently studying for her MA in Education: Culture, Language, and Identity at Goldsmiths.

Ola is committed to making education accessible, enjoyable, and inclusive for all learners - and since joining us has helped do that though our very first Writing Competition, the YBWA which saw 5 extremely talented young writers between the age of 7 and 16 win a years free tuition! And it doesn’t end there - Ola is always thinking of fun and innovative ways to draw out our students love for reading and writing.
As our Qualified English Lead, Ola ensures our English tutors are equipped with the latest tools in teaching and learning, through regular training and mentoring.
“I love creating engaging and personalised lessons that allow learners to develop their skills and grow their love of English language and literature!”.