Advantages of Homeschooling

Home-schooling offers many advantages when compared to traditional mainstream school based learning, and the statistics surrounding the year on year increase in the amount of parents and carers choosing this form of education for their children strongly supports this. We’ve summarised some of the advantages below:

In schools, children are encouraged to study at a certain rate, often meaning they either fall behind their classmates and feel they are learning too slowly, or find their potential constrained, leading to boredom. Home schooling can eliminate these issues, given that a student’s progression is decided by themselves and their tutor.

With home schooling, a student can create and study a curriculum they want to learn, giving rise to increase engagement and motivation.

Parents can ensure their children are taught in line with educational philosophies that are well-suited to their child’s learning style.

It isn’t uncommon for parents and carers to feel as if they don’t get enough time in the day to spend with their children, and this can lead to parents and children alike feeling somewhat distant. Home schooling can strengthen the bond between parent and child, given the amount of time spent together, allowing families to reconnect and learn about each other on a whole new level.

Home schooling can be a sociable experience, despite the apparent lack of contact between a child and their peers. Complete flexibility in the hours of teaching means that home schooled children can pursue hobbies, contribute to their communities and meet people they would otherwise not have interacted with if they were educated in a school – people of all ages. Arguably, this is more beneficial than primarily spending time with people their own age in school.