School Programs


We partner with state, free and private/independent schools to provide 1-on-1 tutoring services for students from KS2 through to KS35. Whether services are needed during the school day, after school hours or at the students home, Liberty Tuition is your solution to meeting students’ academic needs.


We partner with a variety of non-profit organisations that need academic services for their clients. We work in collaboration with your education team in providing personalised learning programs for students in KS2 through to KS5.

Special Education

We partner with local authorities and special education providers to delivering individualised tutoring programs for students in need of additional supportive services in schools and in their homes. Our collaborative approach with the schools creates flexible and personalised support that is beneficial for the students’ overall academic success.

Partnering together with our local schools

Liberty Tuition and local, London based schools have partnered together to bring the highest quality instruction and academic support to their students. We work with state, academies and free schools, and independent/private schools, and also partner with local home schooling groups, after school programs and other educational agencies.

The School-Led Tutoring grant is one of the COVID-19 recovery funds for schools made available by the government.

So far, in the academic year 21/22, this grant has enabled schools to provide tuition funds for up to 60% of children eligible for Pupil Premium (PP) for terms 1 and 2. However, with the injection of extra funding, this will now cover 76% of the PP cohort for the final term. Schools can use this funding to spend on tuition however they like, and if this isn’t spent by the end of the academic year, the funding will be claimed back from future budgets.

The School-Led Tutoring grant is calculated to cover 75% of the cost of tuition, with schools expected to contribute the remaining costs. The grant is in addition to existing pots of money, such as Pupil Premium funding, and doesn’t replace them. The grant is ring-fenced and must be used to fund tutoring support, primarily for disadvantaged students. Schools can use the School-Led Tutoring grant at their discretion as long as it’s to provide tuition, whether by sourcing tutors locally, by training teaching staff or by choosing an online tutoring provider such as Liberty Tuition

What does Team Tutor offer our local schools?


Our tutors travel to you. In today’s hectic world it is easy and convenient for students to receive that extra academic support at school. We work around your schedule. This works out great for parents who can’t schedule tutoring sessions in their home due to an overloaded schedule.

Individualized Instruction

Our unique program offers one-on-one or small group tutoring. Our tutors tailor each lesson to the individual student’s level and needs. Individualised instruction results in an increase in self-esteem, better grades and a greater willingness to learn.

Enrichment Classes

We not only specialize in tutoring, we offer interactive enrichment classes. We keep our classes small in size so we can focus on individualized attention. We can partner with your school and implement one of our many enrichment programs.

For more information on our partnering programs please email or call 07845 035247

“The pupils have felt that the sessions had purpose and were really grateful that tutors remembered them from week to week and remembered what they’d worked on previously. They like having one dedicated person to work with, which they don’t get in the classroom. We’re not having to chase them to attend either. They have definitely bought-in to the process.”

“Communication with Liberty Tuition has been really straightforward. The programme coordinators has done a great job. They’ve delivered on everything promised and found a solution to each concern problem. We only feel we’ve had to support – they really have taken the logistics out of our hands. Liberty Tuition has just worked and for that, they are our provider of choice”

Marvin CharlesSenior Vice Principle, Haberdashers’ Aske’s Knights Academy, London

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